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Lot number: 355

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Pontus, Amisus. AE 19.5; Pontus, Amisus; Amisus, Pontus, Late 1st cent. BC, AE 19.5, 8.36g. RSC-2156 (9 spec.). Obv: Unbearded male head r. without wreath; Q or O beneath neck. Rx: FETI[A] in exergue, Two draped figures, holding a pig between them with one hand and raising the other hand. An enigmatic coin, see the discussion in RPC. The legend FETIA, a Latin word, refers to the fetial ceremony, at which "a pig was sacrificed to sanctify the oaths taken in a treaty". Despite the Latin legend, the coin was probably struck in Pontus, perhaps at Amisus; the portrait may show a local king or a Roman imperator. Our coin adds a new clue, the Q or O below the portrait, which was off flan on all of the previously published specimens. Rare, the nine specimens in RPC I "probably all same obv. die", which our example too seems to share. RPC Supplement I records two additional specimens, the tenth and eleventh in their list.The obverse portrait is distinctive, but we do not know whom it was meant to depict. Reverse struck with worn die. EF
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Starting Price: 315 USD