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Leu Numismatik AG > Web Auction 5Auction date: 23 September 2018
Lot number: 311

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CILICIA. Olba. Autonomous issues, 1st century BC. AE (Bronze, 18 mm, 5.18 g, 1 h). Helmeted head of Mars (?) to right. Rev. ΟΛBЄΩN Spear between the caps of the Dioscuri surmounted by stars. SNG Levante 648 (same dies). SNG Paris -. Very rare. Slightly rough, otherwise, good very fine.

SNG Levante dates this issue to the Roman Imperial times but the style, fabric and transversal ethnic do look earlier. It may have been struck sometime in the 1st century BC, before the Teukrid priest-kings appear on Olba's coinage, with the obverse type reflecting the increasing Roman influence in the era.

Starting Price: 75 CHF