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Gemini, LLC > Auction IIAuction date: 11 January 2006
Lot number: 349

Lot description:

Trajan. (98-117 AD). Silver cistophoric tetradrachm (10.20 gm). . , Possibly Rome for circulation in Asia, 98-99 AD. IMP NERVA CAES TRAIAN AVG GERM P M TR P P P COS II, head laureate right / COM—AS[I], two-columned temple inscribed ROMA ET AVG, containing statues of female figure holding cornucopia and crowning emperor who holds spear. Sotheby, December 1976, lot 578 (same dies). Very rare. About extremely fine. This variety, with Trajan's titles all included in the obverse legend, rather than divided between obverse and reverse, is not in the standard catalogues. Several additional specimens have emerged since the 1976 Sotheby catalogue cited above, all however struck from the same obverse die.

Estimate: US$1500