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Agora Auctions > Numismatic Auction 75Auction date: 10 July 2018
Lot number: 144

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Thrace, Philippopolis. Trajan. A.D. 98-117. AE 17 (17.20 mm, 2.42 g, 6 h). IMP C[AE] NER TRA AVG GER DAC [P M TR P (?) COS V P P], laureate head of Trajan right / ΦIΛIΠΠO - ΠOΛEITΩN, Artemis huntress running right, holding bow and reaching for an arrow from quiver at shoulder. Varbanov 625. VF, Dark green patina, legend weakly struck obverse losing many letters, reverse a bit rough.

From the Tom Buggey Collection.

Interesting "bilingual" piece - obverse legend in Latin and reverse in Greek

Estimate: 100 USD