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Roma Numismatics Ltd > E-Live Auction 1Auction date: 25 July 2018
Lot number: 367

Lot description:

Augustus or Tiberius Æ Sestertius of Thaena, Africa(?). Circa AD 13-17(?). [Bare head right] / Head of Serapis right; part of ethnic visible before, T'YNT(?). CNG e415, 476; for similar, cf. RPC I 810 (smaller denomination) and MAA 55 (same). 27.24g, 38mm.

Fair/Poor. Extremely Rare; unpublished in the standard references and the second example to be offered at auction.

Though almost blank, this coin appears to share the same reverse die as the example sold by Classical Numismatic Group earlier this year (see references). The aforementioned piece exhibits an imperial portrait on the obverse, presumably Augustus or Tiberius, and has been attributed to Thaena on the basis of its similarity to another issue minted there. Part of the city ethnic appears to be visible before the head of Serapis on this coin, however it is not sufficiently clear to confirm the attribution to Thaena.

Estimate: 50 GBP