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VAuctions > Auction 320Auction date: 16 September 2016
Lot number: 339

Lot description:

Corinthia, Corinth. Gaius Caligula. A.D. 37-41. Æ (20 mm, 6.67 g, 7 h). A.D. 37/8. P. Vipsanius Agrippa and M. Bellius Proculus, duoviri. C CAESAR AVGVS, bare head of Caligula right / M BELLIO PRO-CVL[O IIVIR] COR, pegasos flying right. Amandry XVII; BCD Corinth 405-6; RPC 1173. Brown surfaces, light porosity. Fine / very fine.

From an American Collection of Biblical and Related Coinage. Ex Boston Museum of Fine Arts, with old collection ticket.

Estimate: 150 USD