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Savoca Numismatik GmbH & Co. KG > Blue Auction 7Auction date: 26 May 2018
Lot number: 695

Lot description:

Phrygia. Hadrianopolis-Sebaste . Maximinus I Thrax AD 235-238. ΚΑΛΠΟΥΡΝΙΟΣ B ΑΡΧΩΝ (Ch. Kalpournios II), Archon
Bronze Æ

23mm., 7,68g.

A K Γ I OVHΡ MAΞIMЄINOC, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / ΑΡΧ ΚΑΛΠΟVΡΝΙΟV B CE (across fields) ΑΔΡΙΑΝΟ, river-god Karmeios sitting left, holding cornucopia and reed, resting on water-urn.

very fine

BMC Phrygia -; SNG Leypold -; SNG Schweiz II -; Slg. Lindgren -; SNG von Aulock -.