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Classical Numismatic Group | Numismatica Ars Classica | Freeman & Sear > Triton IAuction date: 2 December 1997
Lot number: 750

Lot description:

ZEUGITANIA, Hippo Regius. Tiberius with L. Apronius. Circa 18-21 AD. Æ 26mm (6.92 gm). TI• CAESAR• DIV[I A]VGVSTI F AV[GVSTVS], bare head of Tiberius right, simpulum behind and lituus before / L• APRONIVS HIPPONE LIBERA, bare head of Apronius right. RPC 713/13 (this coin); Müller, Numismatique de l'ancienne Afrique, Vol. II, 398 = De Luynes IV, 3908; M. Grant, Aspects of the Principate of Tiberius, ANSNNM 116, pg. 8, 20. VF, reddish-brown patina. Extremely Rare. ($3500) Ex Bank Leu Auktion 28 (5-6 May 1981), lot 372. This rare coin depicts the proconsul, Lucius Apronius, who held his position in Africa between 18 and 21 AD. In 20 AD, he attacked and defeated the rebel Tacfarinas, avenging the previous summer's defeat of Furius Camillus. He was noted for taking harsh measures to maintain discipline within his troops including the use of a lottery to single out every tenth man for death from a disgraced unit. Later, in 28 AD, while serving as propraetor of Germania Inferior, he suffered terrible losses before repelling a Frisii invasion. But due to the Senate's preoccupation with Sejanus, his career was not affected by this embarrassment. See RPC pp. 188-189 for a discussion of why this coin should be reattributed to Hippo Regius from the traditional attribution of Hippo Diarrhytos.