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Agora Auctions > Numismatic Auction 42Auction date: 6 October 2015
Lot number: 62

Lot description:

Moesia Inferior, Nicopolis ad Istrum. Gordian III. A.D. 238-244. AE tetrassarion (29.6 mm, 13.23 g, 1 h). Struck A.D. 241-244. Sabinius Modestus, magistrate. AVT K M ANT ΓOPΔIANOC AVΓ, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / YΠ CAB MOΔЄCTOY NIKOΠOΛЄITΩN ΠPOC ICTPON, tetrastyle temple, within statue of Concordia, wearing kalathos, holding patera and cornucopia, globe in pediment. H&J; AMNG 2091; Varbanov 4250 var (Tyche within temple). Fine. Scarce type.

The reverse has been double struck, making the temple appear to have five columns.

Estimate: 75 USD