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Nomos AG > obolos 9Auction date: 25 March 2018
Lot number: 150

Lot description:

ZEUGITANA. Utica. Tiberius, 14-37. Dupondius (Bronze, 28 mm, 12.45 g, 2 h), Vibius Marsus, proconsul, Nero Caesar, quaestor, & A. M. Gemellus, praetor, 27-28. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST IMP VIII Bare head of Tiberius to left. Rev. C VIB MARSO PR COS NE CAE Q PR A M GEMELLVS F C /D D P P Livia seated right on stool, holding scepter and patera. MAA 115a. RPC I 732. Light brown patina. Flan fault on the obverse at 7h, otherwise, nearly very fine.

From the collection of W. F. Stoecklin, Amriswil, Switzerland, acquired prior to 1975 from Hess in Luzern.

Starting Price: 75 CHF