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Roma Numismatics Ltd > E-Sale 44Auction date: 3 March 2018
Lot number: 347

Lot description:

Tiberius Æ "Sestertius" of Colonia Iulia Pia Paterna, North Africa. L. Apronius, proconsul for the third time. Struck AD 21. TI•CAE•DIVI•AVG•F•AVG[•IMP]•VIII•COS•IIII•, bare head left / [PERMISSV L•AP]RONI•PROCOS III[•C•SEX•POM•CELSO], Hermes, wearing winged petasus and talaria, seated left on rock outcropping, holding winged caduceus in right hand and leaning on left; C P I in fields. RPC I 762.5; MAA 97a; Müller, Afrique 331; SNG Copenhagen -. 36.33g, 35mm, 6h.

Near Very Fine. Extremely Rare.

Estimate: 250 GBP