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Naville Numismatics Ltd. > Auction 20Auction date: 7 February 2016
Lot number: 132

Lot description:

Macedonia, Koinon Pseudo-autonomous issue Bronze 238-244 Time of Gordian III, Æ 24.5mm., 12.33g. AΛEΞANΔΡOΥ Head of Alexander r., wearing tainia. Rev. KOINON MAKEΔONΩN NEΩKO / B Two prize urns, each with a palm, on table; amphora below. AMNG 134. SNG Copenhagen 1367.

Green patina. About Very Fine/Very Fine.

In addition, winning bids of EEC clients for this coin are subject to a 5% fee on hammer price as a reimbursement for import duty paid to HMRC.

Estimate: 20 GBP