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Naville Numismatics Ltd. > Auction 15Auction date: 7 June 2015
Lot number: 226

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Laconia, Lakedaimon (Sparta) Eurykles, 31-7 Dupondius 31-7, Æ 27mm., 9.22g. Diademed head of Sparta l. Rev. Λ-A/EΠIEYPYKΛE/OΣ The Dioscouri riding r.; all within laurel wreath. BMC 62. Grunauer XXV, 11(this dies). RPC 1102. BCD Peloponnesos 920.

Very Rare. About Very Fine.

Eurykles was a Spartan who, because his father Lachares was hung as a pirate by Antony, became a staunch partisan of Octavian's and distinguished himself at Actium by his active pursuit of Antony's ship. His friendship with Octavian produced great gains, he was given Roman citizenship under the name C. Iulius Eurycles, received the island of Kythera as his private property, and became the effective ruler of Lakedaimon. Using his riches he donated a number of buildings to the city (the gymnasium and perhaps even the theater) and was honored as a benefactor in Gytheion and Boiai as well. In 8 BC he was a guest at Herod's court in Judaea; using funds acquired there he attemped to expand his power upon his return to Sparta, but this led to complaints being laid against him before Augustus and he was fined and exiled in 7. He died in 2 BC and was subsequently rehabilitated; later, a festival, the Eurykleia, was celebrated in his honor at Gytheion and Sparta. Grunauer was able to to record 38 exaples of this type, of which 34 were in museum. Of the 4 pieces she knew of in private hands, all were in the BCD collection, and all were in decidedly poor condition, this one fith in private hands. In addition, winning bids of EEC clients for this coin are subject to a 5% fee on hammer price as a reimbursement for import duty paid to HMRC.

Estimate: 200 GBP