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Agora Auctions > Numismatic Auction 71Auction date: 26 December 2017
Lot number: 127

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Mysia, Parium. Octavian. 44-27 B.C. AE 24 (24.06 mm, 9.32 g, 1 h). . M. Barbatius M'. Acilius IIvir, P. Vibius Sacerdos Caesaris, Q. Barbatius Praef. pro IIvir. C - G / P - I, bare head of Octavian right / [M BA]RBATIO // (MN) ACILIO / II VIR, priest plowing right in pomerium ceremony with yoke of bull and ox. RPC 2261; . VF, toned metal surfaces on devices, dark green patina in fields. .

Estimate: 100 USD