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Lot number: 243

Lot description:
Tranquillina; Caesarea, Cappadocia, Year 4=241 AD, Drachm, 3.27g. Roma Numismatics, 21 May 2014, lot 996 (same dies); bust and legend var. of Sydenham/Malloy-617aa. Obv: CABINIA TRANKV??IN AV Bust draped r., large nest of braids in hair at back, without stephane. Rx: MHTPO KAICA B NE around, ET ? in exergue, Mt. Argaeus, pellet in upper l. field. Rare silver drachm of Tranquillina at Caesarea. Sydenham knew no silver coins for her at Caesarea, but Sydenham-Malloy 617aa cites a drachm for her, a bust and legend variant of our coin, from Leu 18, 5 May 1977, lot 373, and the Burbules Collection. Recently several dozen further specimens have appeared on the market, but the fourteen in CoinArchives Pro with the same bust type and coiffure as ours, plus nine other such specimens that we have had in stock, were all struck from the same obverse die as the present coin, confirming the rarity of Tranquillina's silver at Caesarea.. EF