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Lot number: 521

Lot description:
Maximus as Caesar; 235-238 AD, Acmoneia, Phrygia, AE 24, 7.66g. BM-90, SNG v. Aulock-3378 (same dies), Peus 366 (Burstein)-760 (same dies). Obv: AYT K G IOY OYH - MA?IMEINOC Laureate, draped, cuirassed bust r. Rx: AKMO - NEON (the two Ns retrograde) Cybele seated l., polos on head, l. elbow on drum, holding patera over lion seated l. by her r. side. Apparently rare: the two illustrated specimens found are from the same dies as ours, not in SNG Copenhagen, SNG Leypold, Lindgren, CNG Research, Wildwinds, or Berk photofile.. F