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Lot number: 140

Lot description:
Philip I; 244-249 AD, Cibyra, Phrygia, Year 223=247/8 AD, AE 27, 9.96g. BM-84, pl. XVIII.7 (same dies). Obv: M IOV? FI?I??OC CEB Bust r. wearing priestly wreath and uncertain clothing. Rx: KIB - VPAT - ON Hekate triformis, each head surmounted by polos, holding in her six hands usual attributes; in lower field, date G - KC. Unusual portrait of emperor with priestly wreath probably commemorating his honorary assumption of Cibyra's chief priestly office. BMC calls the emperor "Philip II" with a question mark, but he is clearly bearded on our specimen, so must represent Philip I. Rare: from the same dies as the BM specimen, not in SNG Aulock, SNG Copenhagen, SNG Leypold, or Lindgren.Highly granular surface, but interesting type. F