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Nomos AG > Auction 15Auction date: 22 October 2017
Lot number: 280

Lot description:


CILICIA. Seleucia ad Calycadnus. Philip I, 244-249. (Bronze, 34 mm, 20.92 g, 6 h). AVT K M IOVΛIOC ΦIΛIΠΠOC CЄ/B Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Philip I to right, seen from behind. Rev. CЄΛЄVKЄΩN TΩ ΠPOC TΩ KAΛVKAΔNΩ ЄΛЄVΘЄPAC On the left, draped bust of Artemis-Tyche to right, wearing polos and with a cornucopia behind, facing, on the right, laureate and draped bust of Apollo to left, with laurel branch before. Cf. SNG Levante 778 and SNG Paris 1040 (both with slightly different reverse legend spacing). Rare. In particularly fine condition for this usually worn issue, very well struck, and with a dark green patina. Extremely fine.

Ex Obolos 5, 26 June 2016, 736 (unpaid).

Estimate: 650 CHF