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Lot number: 344

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Elagabalus (218-222 AD). AE 20; Elagabalus (218-222 AD); 218-222 AD, Dium, Arabia Petraea, Year 283 = 220/1 CE, AE 20, 7.70g. Obv. and rev. legend var. of Sofaer Coll.-10 (p. 159, pl. 134). Obv: AV KAI M AV ANTWNIN[OC?] Bust laureate, cuirassed r., seen from front. Rx: Lighted altar within hexastyle temple with central arch; ?IHNW[N] in exergue, date G? - C above roof of temple. Apparently without the eagle that is often depicted in the temple pediment above the arch.Black patina. Some roughness, otherwise. VF

Buy price: $125