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Lot number: 592

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Lot description:

The Triumvirs. Mark Antony, Autumn 32 - Spring 31. Denarius (Silver, 19 mm, 3.84 g, 6 h), Patrae (?) for the 10th legion. ANT•AVG / III•VIR•R•P•C• Praetorian galley moving to right. Rev. LEG X Legionary eagle between two standards. Babelon (Antonia) 117. Crawford 544/24. CRI 361. Sydenham 1228. Very fine.

Legio X 'Equestris' has a fascinating history. It was recruited about 70 BC in Gallia Cisalpina as one of Julius Caesar's original legions during the early stages of the Gallic Wars. Later, the legion fought against Pompey in the Civil War and was disbanded in 45 BC with its veterans being settled near Narbonne. However, already the next year Lepidus reconstitutet the legion and it eventually fought at Philippi, in Mark Antony's Parthian campaign, and at Actium. Following Anthony's defeat, its veterans were settled by Octavian in Patrae, but they rebelled for unclear reasons and the unit lost its cognomen of Equestris as a punishment. Later, the tenth legion was reassembled - with the epithet 'Gemina' - and served mostly in Pannonia Superior. During the Civil War of 193 the legion supportet Septimius Severus in his power grab.

Starting price: 75 CHF