Spink > Auction 24121Auction date: 9 April 2024
Lot number: 255

Price realized: 210 GBP   (Approx. 266 USD / 245 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

A Greek and Roman Selection (11): i) Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, Ptolemy I Soter (367-282 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Memphis or Alexandria, head of Herakles right clad in Lion skin, rev. ALEXANDROY, Zeus Aetophoros seated left holding vertical sceptre, DI below throne, thunderbolt in left field, 11.29g (Price 3976), toned, softening at higher points, very fine; ii) Uncertain Syrian AE 20, 3.92g; iii) Roman Empire, Trajan (AD 98-117), AR Denarius c. AD 100, IMP NERVA TRAIAN AVG GERM, laureate head right, rev. PM TRP COS III PP, abundantia seated left on chair of crossed cornucopiae holding sceptre, 2.66g (RIC 32 var.; RSC 219a) toned, patchy patina, good fine; iv) Roman Empire, Trajan (AD 98-117), AR Denarius c. AD 103-111, IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TRP, laureate bust right, rev. COS V PP SPQR OPTIMO PRINC, Aequitas standing left holding scales and cornucopia, 3.02g (RIC 118; BMC 281), near very fine; v) Roman Empire, Trajan (AD 98-117), AE Drachm, Alexandria c. AD113-4, draped head of Trajan right, rev. Emperor driving quadriga right, holding sceptre and branch, LIZ (year 17) in exergue, 21.01g (c.f. Dattari 759, varient year in exergue) well centred, with some softening and verdigris, good fine; vi) Roman Empire, Hadrian (AD 117-138), AE Drachm, Alexandria, laureate head of Hadrian right. rev. Nilus reclining left holding read and cornucopia, crocodile below, uncertain year, 25.75g (cf. Sear 3740) dark patina with some softening, near very fine; vii) Roman Empire, Maxentius (AD 306-312), AE Follis, Carthage, IMP MAXENTIUS PF AVG, laureate head right, rev. CONSERVATORES KART SVAE, Hexastyle temple with Carthago standing facing within, looking left holding fruit in each hand, PK in exergue, uncertain officiana mark, 7.17g (RIC 60), good detail, with limited spots of verdigris, near very fine; viii) Roman Empire, Maxentius (AD 306-312), AE Follis, Rome, IMP C MAXENTIVS PF AVG, laureate head right. rev. Roma seated facing within Hexastyle temple, holding glove and sceptre, wreath in pedimend, RBS in exergue, 6.41g (RIC 210), good detail with a mostly consitent patina, near very fine; ix) Roman Empire, Maxentius (AD 306-312), AE Follis, Ticinum AD 308-9, IMP MAXENTIVS PF AVG CONS, laureate bust of Maxentius left, wearing imperial trabaea, holding eagle tipped sceptre and mappa, rev. CONSERV VRB SVAE, Roma seated facing, head left within hexastyle temple holding globe and sceptre, 7.44g (RIC 103), significant verdigris deposits, good fine; x) Roman Empire, Maxentius (AD 306-312), AE Follis, Ostia AD 309-312, IMP C MAXENTIVS PF AVG, laureate head right, rev. AETERNITAS AVG N, the Dioscuri standing facing each olding a sceptre and a horse by the bridle, MOSTQ in exergue, 6.77g (RIC 35 var.) reasonably detailed with significant verdegris on half of the obverse, good fine; xi) Roman Empire, Constantine I, 'the Great' (AD 306-337), AE Follis c. AD 315, Arles, IMP CONSTANTINVS PF AVG, laureate draped and cuirassed bust right, rev. SOL INVICTO COMITI, Sol standing right, looking left, radiate with chalmys draped over left shoulder, holding globe and raising hand, S-F across fields, TARL in exergue, 3.31g (RIC 63), near very fine; Sold as is, no returns (11).

Estimate: £120 - £180