Naville Numismatics Ltd. > Auction 87Auction date: 11 February 2024
Lot number: 497

Price realized: 650 GBP   (Approx. 819 USD / 761 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Galba, 68-69 Denarius Tarraco (?) 68, AR 19.00 mm., 3.63 g.
SER GALBA – IMPERATOR Laureate head r., globe at point of bust. Rev. CONCORDIA PROVINCIARVM Concordia, draped, standing l. and holding branch and cornucopiae. C 34. BMC 217. RIC 49. CBN 49.

Very rare. Minor scuff on obverse, otherwise Extremely fine

Starting price: 300 GBP