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Hadrian. Sestertius; Hadrian; 117-138 AD, Rome, c. 136 AD, Sestertius, 29.22g. C-1374 (12 Fr.), RIC-2288 (C), BM-1549. Obv: HADRIANVS - AVG CO[S III P P] Head laureate r. Rx: S - C across field, Victory-Nemesis advancing r. drawing out fold of dress from breast and holding branch. RIC p. 41 associates Hadrian's seventh largesse of 136 AD with his elevation of Aelius to the rank of Caesar, "but presumably also for the conclusion of the Second Jewish Revolt which is celebrated on linked coinage".This coin was struck the same year as the end of the Second Jewish Revolt . Fine / VF

Estimate: 350 USD