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Lot number: 184

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Lot description:

Hadrian. Sestertius; Hadrian; 117-138 AD, Rome, c. 133 AD, Sestertius, 18.25g. RIC-2068 (R3), pl. 155 (same dies). Obv: [HADRI]ANVS - AVG COS III [P P] Bust laureate r., with fold of cloak on front shoulder and behind neck. Rx: ADVEN - [TVS AVG] on l. and r., S C in exergue, Roma, wearing Amazonian garb and holding spear, standing r. clasping hands with togate Hadrian, who stands l. and also holds a roll. Ex Curtis L. Clay Collection. Lighter and from smaller dies than usual. Probably commemorates Hadrian's return to Rome from his second great tour c. 133 AD.. Bold Fine

Estimate: 300 USD