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Hadrian. Sestertius; Hadrian; 117-138 AD, Rome, c. 121 AD, Sestertius, 24.09g. RIC-434 (R2), pl. 72 (citing Paris, same dies). Obv: IMP CAES[AR] TRAIA - NVS HADRIANVS AVG P M TR P COS III Bust laureate l., with fold of cloak on r. shoulder. Rx: MONETA - AV[GV]STI on l. and r., S - C across field, Moneta standing l. holding scales and cornucopia. Ex Curtis L. Clay Collection; ex NAC, 2 April 1995, Friedrich Collection of Rom. Imp. Sestertii, 1294. Bust-left sestertii are rare during the first half of Hadrian's reign; for our Moneta type RIC lists only three specimens, in Paris, Oxford, and ANS.Light green patination. Bold Fine

Estimate: 350 USD