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Lot number: 99

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Hadrian Medallic Sestertius without S C. Sestertius; Hadrian Medallic Sestertius without S C; 117-138 AD, Rome, c. 123 AD, Sestertius, 25.00g. Cf. RIC-2800 (R2). Obv: IMP CA[ES]AR [TRAIAN]VS HADRIANV[S AVG P M] TR P COS III Bust laureate, draped, cuirassed r., seen from front. Rx: GENIVS PO - PVL[I] ROMANI The Genius of the Roman People standing l., sacrificing from patera over altar at his feet and holding cornucopia in other hand. Ex Curtis L. Clay Collection; ex Artemide Aste 37E, 28 Jan. 2017, 328. The reverse die of this medallion (Mittag's R9) is well known from other examples, including one struck in silver and several on thick bronze flans weighing over 60 grams. The obverse legend of our piece makes it a new variant, however: it adds Hadrian's titles of office P M TR P COS III at the end of the legend, whereas the other variants always used just the shorter legend IMP CAESAR TRAIAN (or TRAIANVS) HADRIANVS AVG.This is a very rare issue, with Tiber color. VF

Estimate: 2000 USD