Roma Numismatics Ltd > E-Sale 116Auction date: 18 January 2024
Lot number: 746

Price realized: Unsold
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Lot description:

Galba Æ Sestertius. Rome, AD 68-69. IMP SER GALBA AVG TR P, laureate and draped bust to right / Helmeted and draped figure of Roma seated to left on cuirass, holding spear and resting on shield; S-C across fields, ROMA in exergue. RIC I 243; C. 171; BMCRE 93 var. (oak wreath). 28.11g, 35mm, 6h.

Good Very Fine. Rare.

Ex Roma Numismatics Ltd., E-Sale 66, 9 January 2020, lot 888.

Estimate: 1250 GBP