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Lot number: 33267

Price realized: 2,500 USD   (Approx. 2,297 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Martinian (July-September AD 324). BI follis or reduced nummus (20mm, 2.83 gm, 12h). NGC AU 5/5 - 2/5, smoothing. Cyzicus, 2nd officina. IM C S MAR MARTINIANVΓ P F AVS (sic), radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Martinian right, seen from front / IOVI CONS-ERVATORI, Jupiter standing facing, head left, nude but for chlamys over left shoulder, Victory standing right on globe in outstretched right hand, grounded scepter surmounted by eagle in left; eagle standing left, head right with wreath in beak, at feet to left, bound captive right, head left, at feet to right, X/IIΓ in right field, SMKB in exergue. RIC VII 16 (unattested officina). Sharply struck and far scarcer than the Nicomedia issues for this already rare ruler.

Ex Naville Numismatics, Auction 60 (27 September 2020), lot 612; Bolaffi, Auction 34 (30 May 2019), lot 561.

Licinius I elevated Martinian after his loss to Constantine I at Adrianople on 3 July AD 324, to assist in the ongoing civil war and prevent Constantine from invading Asia. With no time to respond, Crispus, son of Constantine, wiped out Licinius' fleet in the Hellespont and Constantine was able to storm across the continent and crush Licinius at Chrysopolis on 18 September AD 324. Licinius and Martinian were spared, through the intervention of Constantia, Licinius' wife and Constantine's sister, but both were executed soon after on charges of conspiring to raise Gothic troops. All of Martinian's coins are rare and typically have surface issues.



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