Classical Numismatic Group > Triton XXVIIAuction date: 9 January 2024
Lot number: 708

Price realized: 38,750 USD   (Approx. 35,491 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Otho. AD 69. AV Aureus (20mm, 7.16 g, 6h). Rome mint. Struck 15 January-8 March. IMP OTHO CΛESΛR AVG TR P, bare head right / SECVR I TAS P R, Securitas, draped, standing left, holding wreath in right hand and scepter in left. RIC I 9; Muona Group 2, Type 9A, Portrait Type B; Calicó 529; cf. BMCRE p. 366, note †; BN 9; Adda 43; Biaggi 273; Mazzini 14. Smoothing and tooling. Good VF.

Ex Triton XXV (11 January 2022), lot 814; Künker 312 (8 October 2018), lot 2820; Künker 273 (14 March 2016), lot 674; Gorny & Mosch 224 (13 October 2014), lot 471.

Marcus Salvius Otho was a minor functionary in the court of Nero, known more for his enthusiastic participation in the emperor's revels than for any real competency. His one mistake was in introducing his beautiful wife Poppaea Sabina to his master. Very soon, Otho got the governorship of the remote province of Lusitania, and Nero got Poppaea. With Nero's downfall, Otho aligned himself with his fellow governor Galba, fully expecting to be named the elderly emperor's successor. When Galba designated Piso as his successor, the disappointed Otho joined the conspiracy that lead to Galba's assassination. Otho himself would perish three months later, by his own hand as the armies of Vitellius approached Rome.

Estimate: 15000 USD