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Lot number: 834

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Lot description:

Augustus AR Denarius. Rome, 19-18 BC. P. Petronius Turpilianus, moneyer. •TVRPILIANVS•III•VIR•FERON, draped bust of Feronia to right, wearing stephane and pearl necklace / CAESAR AVGV[STVS SIG]N RECE, bare-headed Parthian kneeling to right, extending standard with vexillum marked X, and holding out left hand. RIC I 288; BMCRE 14; RSC 484. 3.78g, 18mm, 11h.

Good Very Fine; old cabinet tone with beautiful golden iridescence around devices to obverse and attractive rainbow iridescence to reverse.

Ex Classical Numismatic Group, Electronic Auction 461, 12 February 2020, lot 340.

This coin commemorates the major diplomatic coup of Augustus' reign: the return by Phraates in 20 BC of legionary standards and prisoners captured by the Parthians. The standards had been lost by M. Crassus at the battle of Carrhae in 53 BC, by Decidius Saxa in Syria in 40 BC, and by Marc Antony in his invasion of Armenia in 36 BC.

Estimate: 300 GBP