Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd > Auction 133Auction date: 25 July 2023
Lot number: 3907

Price realized: 160 AUD   (Approx. 109 USD / 98 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Licinius I, (A.D. 308-324), AE follis, (3.08 g), Aquileia Mint, obv. laureate head to right of Licinius, around IMP LICINIVS AVG, rev. DOMINI dot N dot LICINI AVG around wreath, VOT XX within, AQS in exergue, (S.15345, RIC 67) (illustrated); another, Siscia Mint, (2.79 g), rev. Two victories holding shield inscribed VOT / PR over altar, (cf.S.15357, RIC 96); Licinius II, (A.D. 317-324), AE follis, issued 318-19, (2.92 g), Rome Mint, obv. laureate bust, draped and cuirassed, to right of Licinius II, around LICINIVS IVN NOB C. rev. Roma seated right, holding shield inscribed X V in two lines, P-R across fields, around ROMAE AETERNAE, R Q in exergue, (S.15450, RIC 154). Toning, good very fine - extremely fine. (3)

The last with collector's ticket.

Estimate: 100 AUD