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Lot number: 5244

Price realized: 3,200 CHF   (Approx. 3,596 USD / 3,284 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Maximinus II, 310-313. Follis (Bronze, 21 mm, 3.48 g, 6 h), Rome, 312-313. IMP MAXIMINVS P F AVG Laureate and cuirassed bust of Maximinus II to right. Rev. VIRT-VS A-VGGG Maximinus II, nimbate and in military attire, on horseback galloping right, holding spear in his right hand and shield in his left, riding down an enemy lying left, holding sword and shield; below horse, a second enemy crawling to left. Huvelin 1980, p. 86, pl. 26, 3699 (this coin). RIC -. Extremely rare, apparently the second known example. Slightly rough, otherwise, very fine.

From the collection of Dr. L. Ramskold, ex Lanz 132, 27 November 2006, 540 and from the Saint-Colombier-en-Sarzeau Hoard found on 17 February 1976 (cleaned since).

The 'AVGGG' series was very short-lived, celebrating the unity of the three emperors Constantine I, Licinius I, and Maximinus II. RIC VI knew of two examples from Rome and a single coin from Ostia. Still today, only one or two examples per type are known.

Starting price: 100 CHF