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Manuel Comnenus-Ducas, despot of Thessalonica, 1230-1237. Trachy (Bronze, 21 mm, 2.09 g, 6 h), Thessalonica, 1197-1203. [ΚΕ ΒΟΗ - ΘΕΙ ...] /IC - XC Draped bust of Christ facing, nimbate and beardless, holding scroll in his left hand and raising his right in blessing. Rev. [ΜΑΝυΗΛ ΔΕC ΠΟΤ Ο ΚωΝCΤΑΝΤΙΝΟC] On the left, Manuel, standing facing, wearing stemma, divitision, loros and sagion, and holding anexikakia in his left hand, being crowned by St. Constantine, on the right, standing facing, similarly dressed, holding labarum in his left hand. DOC 7. LHS 97, 176. SB 2181. Very rare. Very fine.

Starting price: 50 CHF