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Alexius I Comnenus, with Irene and John II, 1081-1118. Aspron Trachy (Billon, 26 mm, 3.63 g, 6 h), Post reform coinage, coronation issue, Thessalonica, 1092-1093. [K]E POHΘEI Iω Δ[ECΠT] / IC XC John II, on left, standing facing, holding labarum in right hand and globus cruciger in left, and Christ, on right, crowning the emperor with right hand and holding Gospels in left. Rev. AΛEZIω ΔE [EIRHN AVΓЧ] Alexius I, on left, holding akakia in right hand, and Irene, on right, standing facing, together holding patriarchal cross between them. DOC 24. SB 1916. Extremely rare. Some encrustations, otherwise, very fine.

The coronation coinage of Alexius I commemorates the coronation of Alexius' and Irene's infant son, John II. There are two denominations, both sharing the types seen here; an electrum aspron trachy, SB 1914, and this billon aspron trachy. The coronation of John occurred only once he had been baptized, and most authorities place the event on 1 September 1092. This date of his coronation not only coincided with a new indictional (financial) cycle but with the new indictional year as well. These coronation coins are all extremely rare, with just a handful known of both denominations.

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