Nomos AG > obolos 27Auction date: 19 March 2023
Lot number: 620

Price realized: Unsold
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Lot description:

Elagabalus, 218-222. Denarius (Silver, 18 mm, 2.88 g, 5 h), Rome, 221. IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG Laureate head of Elagabalus to right. Rev. P M TR P IIII C-O-S III P P Victory flying left between two shields, holding open wreath with both hands; in right field, star. BMC 253. Cohen 195. RIC 45. Toned. A few scratches, light porosity, otherwise, very fine.

From the Elagabalus Collection acquired from CGB.

Starting price: 25 CHF