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Lot number: 3478

Price realized: 440 CHF   (Approx. 479 USD / 448 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Michael VII Ducas, 1071-1078. Histamenon (Electrum, 30 mm, 4.37 g, 6 h), Constantinopolis. Bust of Christ Pantokrator facing, wearing tunic and pallium, raising his right hand in benediction and holding book of Gospels in his left; in fields, IC - XC. Rev. +MIXAHΛ RACIΛ O Δ Bust of Michael VII facing, wearing loros and crown with pendilia, holding labarum in his right hand and globus cruciger in his left. DOC 2e. SB 1868. Struck from somewhat worn dies and with a flan crack, otherwise, very fine.

From a European collection, formed before 2005.

Starting price: 50 CHF