Aquila Numismatics > Auction 9Auction date: 5 February 2023
Lot number: 651

Price realized: 5 EUR   (Approx. 5 USD)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Byzantine Constantine X Ducas and Eudocia (1059-1067 AD) Constantinople AE Follis (28.8 mm, 6,9 g)
Obv: + EMMA-NOVHΛ - Christ standing facing on footstool, wearing nimbus and holding Gospels, IC XC across fields
Rev: EVΔKAΥΓU +KWNTAK - Eudocia on left, wearing loros with kite-shaped lower panel and crown with cross and pendilia, Constantine on right, wearing loros and crown with cross and pendilia, both standing facing, holding labarum with cross-piece on shaft between them, standing on base and three steps, each places one hand on heart.
DOC 8; Sear 1853

Starting price: 5 EUR