Leu Numismatik AG > Web Auction 24Auction date: 3 December 2022
Lot number: 2054

Price realized: 140 CHF   (Approx. 149 USD / 142 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

PHRYGIA. Otrus. Geta, as Caesar, 198-209. Diassarion (Bronze, 25 mm, 8.05 g, 6 h). ΠO CЄΠTI ΓЄTAC KAI Bare-headed and cuirassed bust of Geta to right. Rev. AΛЄΞANΔPOC OTPOHNΩN / ANЄΘH - ACIA/PXHC The eponymous hero Otreus standing left, head to right and right foot set on prow, extending his right hand and holding spear in his left. SNG von Aulock 8430 = Von Aulock, Phrygien I, 833 (same dies). Rare. Somewhat rough, otherwise, very fine.

Starting price: 25 CHF