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Lot number: 27

Price realized: 5,500 CHF   (Approx. 5,781 USD / 5,580 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Greek Coins. Thraco-Macedonian tribes, The Orrescii.
Stater late sixth-early fifth century BC, AR 9.35 g. Centaur r., abducting nymph. Rev. Crested Corinthian helmet within quadripartite incuse square. Svoronos, Hellenism Primitif, pl. V, 22 and 24. AMNG III, 18. Asyut 93.
Very rare and in unusually good condition for this difficult issue.
Minor areas of porosity, otherwise good very fine

Privately purchased from BCD in 2011.
The Orrescii were an obscure Thracian people bordering the Bisalti and Edoneans who had access to the rich silver mines of Mount Pangaion. In the early fifth century BC they struck several coinages from the ore taken from the mountain. The types and weight standard of the present stater reflect the economic influence of neighbouring Greek and Thraco-Macedonian peoples. The weight of the coin indicates that it was struck to circulate alongside the coinage of Thasos-an important Greek trading power in southern Thrace-as does the obverse type. The representation of a centaur carrying off a nymph is modelled on the standard Thasian stater type of a satyr carrying off a nymph. On the other hand, the Corinthian helmet within an incuse square on the reverse may perhaps indicate the influence of the Derrones, a contemporary Thraco-Macedonian people who frequently featured a Corinthian helmet as a symbol or type on their coins.

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Estimate: 6000 CHF