Agora Auctions > Numismatic Auction 107Auction date: 27 September 2022
Lot number: 78

Price realized: Unsold
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Lot description:

Arabia Petraea, Bostra. Elagabalus. A.D. 218-222. AE 19 (19 mm, 6.84 g, 12 h). ΑΥΤΟ ΚЄCAP ΑΝΤ ΝΙΝΟ , laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / ΒΟ ΤΡΗΝ Ν, Zeus Ammon-Serapis standing left, wearing kalathos, holding patera and long scepter; at feet left, ram(?). Kindler, Bostra 32a; Spijkerman 40; Rosenberger 35; RPC VI Online 9330; Sofaer 36. Near VF, red-brown patina with green deposits, roughness. Scarce.

Estimate: 100 USD