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Lot number: 494

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Lot description:

Trajan. AR Tridrachm; Trajan; 98-117 AD, Bostra, Arabia Petraea, c. 112-114 AD, Tridrachm, 9.88g. RPC-4071 (20 spec., 6 obv. dies), Syd-190 (as Caesarea). Obv: [??????] ???C ??? ???????C C?? G??? ??? Bust laureate, draped r., seen from side. Rx: ???[??? ?? ???] ?? ? Two-columned temple on podium of four steps and with eagle in pediment; each of the columns is divided half way up, the lower part apparently being fluted, the upper part smooth; within temple, facing bust of Artemis of Perge set on pedestal and under arch supported by two small columns. The division of the two outer columns into upper and lower parts is clear on our specimen and on RPC pl. 179, 4069-71, but may not have been noticed before: not mentioned in BMC (1899), Sydenham (1933), Price and Trell (1977), or RPC (2015). The lower parts of the columns were apparently fluted, but the upper parts smooth: see the enlargement of a fine specimen in Cambridge in Price and Trell, p. 191, Fig. 346.. F

Estimate: 385 USD