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Lot number: 432

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Lot description:

Marcus Aurelius. Sestertius; Marcus Aurelius; 161-180 AD, Rome, 173 AD, Sestertius, 22.17g. BM-1441, C-535 var. (25 Fr.), RIC-1075 var. Obv: M ANTONINVS - AVG TR P XXVII Head laureate r. Rx: [R]ELIG AVG in exergue, [IMP VI] - COS III around, S - C across field, Mercury standing l. on pedestal, holding purse and caduceus, within four-columned temple with semicircular pediment formed like two laurel branches; the four columns have human busts at top, like terms; in pediment, a ram in center, between a cock on l. and a caduceus and pellet (tortoise or purse?) on r., and with an uncertain rectangular object (basket?) above. The type of Mercury in temple "refers to the Egyptian Hermes, god of the air, invoked by the magician Arnuphis at the battle of the \'Miracle of the Rain\' in the land of the Quadi" (BMC, pp. cxxv f.).Two isolated pits on obverse. F

Estimate: 725 USD