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Antoninus Pius. Sestertius; Antoninus Pius; 138-161 AD, Rome, 139 AD, Sestertius, 23.37g. Rev. type var. of BM-1191, C-572 (15 Fr.), Strack-792 (5 spec.), and RIC-586 (R). Obv: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P Head laureate r. Rx: PAR - TH - IA around, COS II in exergue, S - C in field, Parthia standing l. holding golden crown in r. hand and empty quiver in l. hand. Antoninus\' rare province series of 139 AD, which appeared on bronze coins only, commemorated the traditional donation of golden crowns to a new emperor by the provinces and by client kingdoms, the entire amount of which Antoninus is reported to have remitted to the people of Italy, and half to the inhabitants of the provinces. In her left hand Parthia normally holds a bow and a quiver full of arrows, but on our coin the bow and arrows are omitted and she holds an empty quiver only.A rare and interesting historical type, possibly an unpublished variant without bow and arrows in addition to the quiver as Parthia\'s attribute on reverse. EF

Estimate: 4000 USD