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Nero. Sestertius; Nero; 54-68 AD, Rome, 64-5 AD, Sestertius, 19.24g. BM-134, RIC-181. Obv: [NERO] CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG GER [P M TR P IMP P P] Bust laureate r., probably with aegis on front shoulder. Rx: [S P]OR OST [C] below, [AVGVSTI] above, two curved moles enclosing six ships in the harbor of Ostia, statue atop lighthouse above, Neptune reclining on dolphin and holding rudder below. The number of ships shown in the harbor in this type varies, but the four most important ones, never omitted and showing four successive stages in a ship\'s use of the harbor, are the two left and right of the lighthouse, one entering the harbor under full sail and the other being rowed out of the harbor; the large ship in the center, which has recently arrived and cast anchor and whose sails are being taken in by three men on deck and in the rigging; and finally the ship alongside the quay at eight-nine o\'clock whose cargo is being unloaded by several men on deck and usually by another crossing the gangplank to shore, a detail unclear on our worn specimen. Our coin adds two more ships to the basic four, namely two freighters with furled sails to left and right respectively of the large central ship. Possibly unpublished with just six ships in the harbor; Cohen and BMC only report varieties with between seven and thirteen ships.In worn condition, but still a fascinating and desirable reverse type. G

Estimate: 1500 USD