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Lot number: 210

Price realized: To Be Posted
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Lot description:

Augustus. Denarius; Augustus; 27 BC-14 AD, Spain, Colonia Patricia, 19-18 BC, Denarius, 3.75g. RIC-37b (S), BM-326, Paris-1303, C-97 corr. (3 Fr.). Obv: CAESAR - AVGVSTVS Head l. wearing oak wreath. Rx: DIVVS - IVLIVS across field, Comet with eight rays, the third ray above DIVVS having a tail. Commemorates the comet that appeared in summer 44 BC and was taken to indicate Julius Caesar\'s deification. The comet\'s tail sometimes appears on the second ray above DIVVS rather than the third.Struck on anextremely broad flan, with complete legends. EF

Estimate: 4000 USD