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Lot number: 115

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Lot description:

Bactria, Eucratides. Tetradrachm; Bactria, Eucratides; c. 171-135 BC. Tetradrachm, 16.37g. Bopearachchi-Serie 6W var. (monogram placement), Sear-7570 var. Obv: Draped, cuirassed bust of Eucratides r., wearing crested helmet decorated with bull\'s horn and ear; fillet border. Rx: ??S???OS ??G??oY above, ????????o? in exergue, the Dioscouri on horses prancing r., each holding spear and palm; WA monogram in lower l. field behind horses. Bopearachchi knew this tetradrachm only with the monogram placed in the lower right rather than lower left field. Two other specimens apart from ours with monogram to left not right: Berk 168, 16 March 2010, lot 156, and CGB Paris, June 2017, lot 53.. EF

Estimate: 2000 USD