Harmers of London > Auction 3Auction date: 26 September 2022
Lot number: 121

Price realized: 2,800 GBP   (Approx. 3,051 USD / 3,144 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Migrations of the German Tribes-The Ostrogoths
Odovacar (476-493) - Solidus 477-480 struck in the name of Zeno (474-491) - Mint: Mediolanum - Obverse: Helmeted, pearl-diademed and cuirassed bust facing three-quarters right, holding spear and shield with horseman and enemy motif - Reverse: Victory standing left, holding long jewelled cross; on sides, M - D, COMOB in exergue - gr. 4,39 - Exceedingly rare. Light reddish tone and minor edge marks, otherwise, about extremely fine - Ex NAC sale 120, 6 October 2020, lot 917 Lacam pl. 43, 126 (this obverse die) (Julius Nepos). MEC I, -. RIC 3229 (these dies)

Starting price: 2500 GBP