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Lot number: 95209

Price realized: 3,000 USD   (Approx. 3,001 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Gaius (Caligula) (AD 37-41). AR denarius (19mm, 3.69 gm, 6h). NGC (photo-certificate) VF 3/5 - 2/5, edge chips. Lugdunum, AD 37-38. C•CAESAR•AVG•GERM•P•M•TR•POT, laureate head of Caligula right / AGRIPPINA•MAT•C•CAES•AVG•GERM, draped bust of Agrippina Senior right, seen from front, hair arranged in ringlets along brow line and gathered into looped plait at back. RIC I 14 (Rome).

From the Historical Scholar Collection. Ex Numismatik Naumann, Auction 58 (1 October 2017), lot 428

There is scholarly disagreement over the mint location for Caligula's precious metal coinage. C. H. V. Sutherland and R. A. Carson, writing in Vol. I of RIC, state their belief that the early, bare headed coinage of Caligula, like that of Tiberius, was struck in Gaul at the mint of Lugdunum, but that late in AD 37, minting operations were transferred to Rome and continued there for all subsequent issues, identified by a laureate head of the emperor. J. B. Giard, author of the Bibliotech Nationale catalog in Paris, believes all of Caligula's gold and silver issues were minted in Lugdunum, and this view is supported by David R. Sear in "Roman Coins and Their Values."



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