Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd > Auction 130Auction date: 26 July 2022
Lot number: 4601

Price realized: Unsold
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Lot description:

Herennia Etruscilla, (wife of Trajan Decius), (A.D. 249-251), sestertius, Rome mint, (17.94 g), obv. diademed bust to right, around HERENNIA ETRVSCILLA AVG, rev. Pudicitia seated to left, drawing veil, holding sceptre, around PVDICITIA AVG, S C in exergue, (S.9505, RIC 136b, C.22). (S.6628, RIC 859). Very fine with minor earthen patination, very scarce.

Ex Noble Numismatics SAle 121 (lot 4871) part.

Estimate: 130 AUD