Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd > Auction 130Auction date: 26 July 2022
Lot number: 4198

Price realized: 180 AUD   (Approx. 125 USD / 124 EUR)   Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.
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Lot description:

Greece, Thessaly, various AE from different cities including Atrax, 3rd century B.C., AE 21 trichalkon (4.61 g), obv. Apollo head right, rev. horseman on horse trotting right, ATPA N.. (BCD [Triton XV] 59.5); Halus, AE 13, 3rd century B.C., (2.12 g), obv. Zeus head left, rev. Phrixos with cloak riding a ram right, (BCD 86.4); Krannon, AE dichalkon, 19mm, 4th Century B.C., (4.40 g), obv. head of Poseidon right (?), rev.horseman wearing petasos right, KP A around, (BCD 116) (illustrated); Lamia (Malia), AE 13 chalkos, (1.99 g), obv. Athena head right, rev. Philoktetes naked standing right, shooting from bow and a bird falls, (BCD 125); Larissa, mid-late 4th century B.C., AE21 a tetrachalkon (8.69 g), obv. facing head slightly to left of Nymph Larissa rev. bridled horse trotting right, LARI S [NWIA], wheat ear below, (BCD 387.5) (illustrated); Larissa Kremaste, 3rd century B.C., AE 14 chalkos (2.46 g), obv. Nymph's head right, rev. harpa upwards hook to left, (BCD 404.1); Pelinna, 400-375 B.C., AE 15 chalkos, (2.67 g), obv. helmeted warrior on horse right, rev. warrior wearing petasos in short tunic in fighting attitude with shield, (BCD 529.1); Pharsalos, 3rd century B.C., AE 22 trichalkon, (8.72 g), obv. Athena helmeted head facing, rev. Thessalion horseman charging right, (BCD 674.1) (illustrated. Fine - very fine, some cleaned and some roughness, scarce - rare. (8)

Ex CNG eSale 248 (lots 547, 548, 549) (parts).

Estimate: 270 AUD